Stand-up Comic/Actor Adam Ferrara has been seen weekly on ABC’s critically acclaimed series “The Job” for the past 2 seasons playing Tommy Manetti, a young detective who frequently clashed with McNeil (Denis Leary) over his unorthodox style of law enforcement.

A nationally touring headliner, Ferrara can be found playing the famed Improv’s as well as Catch A Rising Star, Caroline‚Äôs in NYC, The Laugh Factory, Punchlines and many other popular comedy clubs across America.

Throughout his explosive stand up act, Adam Ferrara blends brilliant characterizations and hilariously accurate observations with a grace and instinct that are most rare. Ferrara hits the stage like a loose power line and electrifies the room; he is an undeniable talent. Though Ferrara’s ease of spontaneity makes his comedy seem effortless, Ferrara has been carefully honing his comedic talent for years; meticulously crafting his material. Ferrara has been called “an uncommon jewel.”